Kenworth T880

Day in and day out, the T880 is a dependable, versatile vehicle capable of performing the toughest jobs productively and efficiently.

T880 Features:

Kenworth Driver Performance Assistant includes a built-in virtual driver’s coach with real-time coaching based on coasting and braking to improve fuel economy and brake life.

Kenworth Predictive Cruise ControlPowertrain technologies that help to maximize fuel economy.Kenworth Predictive Cruise combines cruise control with GPS to provide an intelligent autopilot when it comes to speed, anticipating the terrain ahead to ensure maximum efficiency of the engine and transmission. Available on the T680 and T880 when spec’d with the PACCAR MX-11

Kenworth Adaptive Cruise Control A radar-based safety system designed to reduce the likelihood of a collision. Using always-on Collision Mitigation Technology, Adaptive Cruise Control works in conjunction with standard cruise control to monitor the following distance of the vehicle ahead and automatically keep a safe and constant following distance.

T880 Brochure

Get all the details about this truck, from the design specs, versatility, ergonomics, reliability, options and heavy duty support

Powerful Engine Options

The T880 is available with the industry leading PACCAR MX-11 Engine.