Edmonton Kenworth staff are available to answer your questions on anything ranging from truck features to finance solutions. Administrative contacts for all branches can be found below, by location.


Contact Title Phone Email
Gary King President 780-612-9855 gking@edmkw.com
Maurice Lacombe Director of Operations 780-612-9855 mlacombe@edmkw.com
Jim Riddell Controller 780-453-3431 jriddell@edmkw.com
Vance Klepper Vice President and General Manager 780-612-9855 vklepper@edmkw.com
Jo Frost Parts Director 780-612-9855 jfrost@edmkw.com
Dale Sorenson Service Director 780-612-9855 dsorenson@edmkw.com
Jon Labonté Director, Human Resources 780-612-9855 jlabonte@edmkw.com
Nancy O’Brien Credit Manager 780-453-3431 nobrien@edmkw.com
Pat Savage Parts & Service Sales Manager  780-453-3431 psavage@edmkw.com
Dale Stiles Truck Sales Manager  780-453-3431 dstiles@edmkw.com

Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable / Credit Department
Phone: 1 (780) 453-3431 or Toll Free 1-800-272-5660