The T800 can be ordered in a variety of configurations to suit nearly any application, on or off the road.

There was a time when customers scheduled deliveries by the calendar. Now they use a watch with an accurate second hand. Computers and satellite systems quicken the pace. Downtime is the enemy. And the competition keeps getting smarter. Welcome to the new millennium.

Needless to say, your buying criteria for heavy-duty trucks isn’t what it used to be. Today, you need equipment that’s easier to own and more affordable to operate. Equipment that will work harder, last longer and retain its value. Today, you need a more productive, more profit-oriented, more reliable truck: Kenworth T800.

Kenworth’s T800 is the ultimate workhorse – as much at home running freight coast to coast as it is delivering fuel across town or hauling gravel out of a quarry. Imagine the bottom-line advantages of a single base chassis that can do almost anything you ask of it. Plus, the T800 is built-to-take-it tough – proven very, very difficult to break. Add the driver-side benefits of excellent maneuverability, operating efficiency and comfort … and you’ve got not just a truck, but a whole new solution.

Kenworth T800. A high value – real world – solution.

Our sales team has many years of experience building tough, off highway trucks for the oilfield, for logging, for mining and many other industries.  If you’re looking for a tough, reliable truck to work off road, then please give us a call because Nobody Builds Them Like We Do!

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Edmonton Kenworth T800

T800 Brochure

Get all the details about this truck, from the design specs, versatility, ergonomics, reliability, options and heavy duty support.

Powerful Engine Options

The T800 is available with the industry leading PACCAR MX-13 Engine.

Body Builder Manual

Information to help you design the truck that’s perfect for you.