Kenworth T800

Probably the most versatile truck that Kenworth sells, the T800 is available in many configurations to do a wide variety of jobs.  From a straight tandem highway tractor to a tri-drive winch tractor to a tri drive vac truck to a tandem-tridem picker truck with a 45 ton crane, we can build a T800 for you no matter what job you need it to do.

Our sales team has many years of experience building tough, off highway trucks for the oilfield, for logging, for mining and many other industries.  If you’re looking for a tough, reliable truck to work off road, then please give us a call because Nobody Builds Them Like We Do!


Here is a perfect example of a Kenworth T800 tri drive winch tractor where once again beauty and brawn come together to make one awesome truck.

Here is a beautiful example of a Kenworth T800 tandem tridem picker truck.  This truck has been outfitted with a Manitex 45 ton 120 foot boom crane.

We at Edmonton Kenworth sell many Kenworth T800 vac trucks in all kinds of configurations.  Below you will see several prime examples of trucks we have built and sold.

This is an example of a heavy haul Kenworth T800 tractor.  This truck features a wide hood to accomodate a larger radiator for more cooling capacity when hauling heavy loads.  It also sports Kenworth's huge Studio Sleeper!

Here is a beautiful example of a Kenworth T800 Tandem Tridem cement mixer.

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