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Introducing “Kenworth Driver Academy”

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Kenworth is pleased to offer a series of driver training videos called the Kenworth Driver Training Academy. Our objective is to educate current, and peak the interest of potential Kenworth drivers by informing and instructing viewers on the features and functions of our vehicles. The first set of videos feature the T680, and includes critical information such as: how to change a headlamp bulb, recognize warning indicators on the instrumental panel, and how to get the best out of the new PACCAR Transmission. There are 20 videos in total that help viewers get to know our brand better and puts it in a positive light!

The video series is currently available on YouTube at our Kenworth Driver Training Academy and will be coming to the Kenworth Essentials App soon! Subscribe to our dedicated media to get first access to updates in the catalog. You won’t want to miss the T880 Driver Academy coming soon!

Kenworth Driver Academy (Sample frame)